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Landing page

Once you logged in into the portal, you will be redirected to the landing page, where you can click on the application you want to route into.

Company Portal : Company portal is designed for specifically the company admins where they can see all the data within the application. It's a kind of admin panel. Updating of data is restriction free from this portal.

Employee Portal : When an employee logs into the portal then they will see employee portal, by clicking on which they can access all of their related data.

Support Portal : Support portal is provided with the intention for all the application users who would require any kind of support within the company. Support portal consists of Qustions/Answers, Blogs, Knowledgebase Articles and so on.

Customization Zone : Customization zone is the application are to do all the basic setup and contains application and system settings. Admin can alert the application settings as per their need and their application will reflect them immediately upon changing of the base settings.