What is Meaningful Work: And why it is important

Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress.

Everyone wants to be fulfilled by their work. We want to feel like we're doing something valuable and making the world a better place. And if we can live out our passion too, well, that's the dream. We want to work with a team that's engaged, in a place where we can come alive, and contribute to something bigger than ourselves.

At Frolsket, our purpose is to increase the amount of meaningful work that happens in the world.

Our vision, is a new way of doing business -one that delivers growth by giving opportunity to our team to explore themselves and do meaningful work.

In Meaningful work:

Let everything you do, be done as if it makes a difference.


What does it mean?

Staying committed to your intention, keeping the promises you made to the people you serve (and to yourself)—choosing to amplify your difference is at the heart of meaningful work.

To have meaningful work is a tremendous happiness as if you know that the work which you do is worth in doing and its not a waste of your time and efforts. It always a fun when you do the work which you love to do. 

When your work is energizing, meaningful and exciting you get to be more energizing, meaningful and exciting in the other parts of your life.


"Not working is sometimes more difficult"

Knowing which work to do is what makes all the difference.