FROLSKET trademarks include “FROLSKET” the Frolsket logo (see image below), the phrase “Frolsket LLP” when used with the logo as below, and other variations, uses, and derivatives of the FROLSKET name (collectively, “FROLSKET trademarks”).

Things you can do without our permission

To summarize, provided that the use adheres to our trademark policy and visual guidelines, here are some of the things that you can do with the Frolsket Marks that do not require our permission:

  • Use the Frolsket Marks in marketing, and other publicity materials related to Frolsket or the relevant Frolsket’s product.
  • Distribute unchanged Frolsket product(s) (code + config) for each platform downloaded from as long as you distribute them without charge.
  • Describe your executables as "based on Frolsket technology", or "incorporating Frolsket source code".
  • Link to Frolsket's website(s) by using the banners and buttons we provide to allow your visitors to download Frolsket products.
  • Use Frolsket's word marks in describing and advertising your services or products relating to a Frolsket product, so long as you don't do anything that might mislead customers. For example, it's OK if your website says, "Customization services for Bucket Inventory available here;".
  • Make t-shirts, desktop wallpaper, or baseball caps though only for yourself and your friends (meaning people from whom you don't receive anything of value in return).

Things where you require our permission to use Frolsket trademarks

FROLSKET trademarks may only be used with FROLSKET’ written permission, and then only to the extent of and within the scope of the permission granted. Any use of a FROLSKET trademark that does not comply with such permission and this policy is not authorized. We require permission because FROLSKET stands for certain core principles and we must protect both the public’s trust in the FROLSKET name and the viability of the FROLSKET platform for our community of contributing scholars. We also believe it’s important to avoid confusion that can arise when the FROLSKET name and trademarks are used so as to create the false impression of a FROLSKET connection or endorsement. Changing the appearance of a FROLSKET trademark or adding something to it does not mean that you are free to use the trademark without our permission. For example, “P-LOS,” “FROLSKETscience” and the like all constitute unauthorized use of FROLSKET trademarks. To request permission to use a FROLSKET trademark, please email [email protected]. If you are granted permission, we will notify you in writing of the scope of your permission and what use you may make of the trademark(s) providing you comply with the guidelines below:

Domain names

Our Site may use "cookies" to enhance User experience. User's web browser places cookies on their hard drive for record-keeping purposes and sometimes to track information about them. User may choose to set their web browser to refuse cookies, or to alert you when cookies are being sent. If they do so, note that some parts of the Site may not function properly.

  • You need permission to register or use a domain name that contains a Frolsket mark in it. Do not register a domain that looks or sounds similar to a Frolsket mark or includes a misspelled Frolsket mark, because that can confuse Frolsket users.

Events and conferences

You need a trademark license if you plan to host a public event or a conference that uses a Frolsket mark. When you obtain a trademark license, it will apply only to the specific event in your request. You will need to apply for a new license if you want to host another event.


You need a trademark license if you want to use a Frolsket mark in a publication, unless your use qualifies as fair or nominative use under U.S. trademark law or other applicable foreign laws.

When you obtain a trademark license, it will only apply to the specific publication in your request. You will need to apply for a new license if you want to make another publication.

Movies & TV shows

You need a trademark license to use the Frolsket logo in a movie, TV show episode, or online production.

When you obtain a trademark license, it will only apply to the specific film, TV show episode, or online production in your request. You will need to apply for a new license if you want to shoot another film or TV show episode.

Commercial merchandise

You may make merchandise with the Frolsket trademarks for commercial use, if:

  • You obtain a trademark license from the Frolsket Foundation.
  • You follow our Visual Identity Guidelines; and
  • You truthfully advertise to customers how much of the selling price, if any, will be donated to Frolsket sites.

General Guidelines for Proper Use

The following basic guidelines apply to our licensees’ uses of the FROLSKET trademarks, whether on web pages, in marketing or advertising materials and in any other manner or medium:


    If we license you to use the FROLSKET trademarks, we will provide you with trademark images or files to use. The trademarks should be used in the exact form we have provided you and they may not be abbreviated, changed or combined with any other words, symbols or letters.


    Each of the FROLSKET trademarks listed above is a registered trademark, so the symbol “®” should be used immediately to the right of the trademark whenever the trademark is used. For “FROLSKET” and all other names and logos in which FROLSKET has trademark rights, the symbol “™” should be used immediately to the right of the trademark whenever the trademark is used. Note that “™” is superscripted, or raised.


    In at least the place in which each FROLSKET trademark is used, the trademark should be set apart from surrounding text, either by capitalizing it or by italicizing, bolding or underlining. In addition, your website may not copy the look and feel of any Frolsket website. We do not want visitors to your website to be confused about which company he/she is dealing with.

Prohibited uses of Frolsket trademarks

  • Misleading mirrors and mimicking sites

    Please do not create a website that mimics the "look and feel" of a Frolsket site. This especially applies to imitated Frolsket articles. If you have a good reason to create a mimicking site, please contact us at [email protected].

    You do not need to contact us if you just want to use the Frolsket software to create a wiki or if your mimicking site is clearly a parody.

    If you create a mirror, make sure to comply with the relevant licenses for the content. Avoid copying links to Frolsket policies and contact details. Please do not use the Frolsket marks in a mirror of a Frolsket site.

  • Linking to non-Frolsket sites

    You may use Frolsket marks to link to Frolsket sites only. Please refer to Links to Frolsket sites if you want to link to a Frolsket site from your website.

  • Misrepresentation

    When you use a Frolsket mark under this policy, please use it to represent only the project for which it stands. Please do not create the impression that your use is in any way endorsed, sponsored by, or is part of the Frolsket Foundation. This section also applies when you are granted a license to use a mark that doesn't permit you to suggest such an endorsement.

Reporting Trademark Abuse

We have a dedicated mail for everyone to report any misuse of the Frolsket Marks. All you have to do is write an email with the relevant information and send us at [email protected]. The more information you supply when you file the report, the easier it is for us to evaluate and respond appropriately. Having the support and help of our community makes our work easier and more worthwhile.

We really appreciate your help!

Any Questions?

We have tried to make our trademark policy as comprehensive as possible. If you're considering a use of a Frolsket trademark that's not covered by the policy, and you're unsure whether your use is in compliance with this policy or local trademark laws, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Please keep in mind that Frolsket receives lots and lots of similar questions, so please review all available documentation, including the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before contacting us.